the competition begins at , at which time the theme will be made available. on the next day, , the main event will be held at our venue at chalmers where teams can continue working on their applications.

at the competition ends and all teams will then make a short presentation (maximum five minutes) of their idea and the resulting application. after all teams have presented, the judges will convene for a short time to decide on the winners.

your team will be given a github repo prior to the competition, where you need to put your code. presentations should be uploaded to speakerdeck. apps should, if possible, be deployed to heroku.



details to come.

judging criteria

the judges will base their decisions on three main criteria:

innovation considers the originality of the idea and how it applies to the theme.

execution evaluates how well the team has implemented the idea into a functional application.

experience is a measure of the usability and design of the application.


glory! also, the top three teams will each be awarded $300 worth of heroku credits and blessed github accounts. in addition to that, there'll be plenty of t-shirts and stickers to go around.

* please note that your app needs to be deployed to heroku for your team to be eligible for the heroku price.